Somatic healing is a type of holistic healing that works with the relationship between the mind, memories, and the negative energies that get caught in the autonomic nervous system and affect the physical body. I use a combination of intuitive healing, using somatic techniques and embodiment practices. 

My passion is to help clients discover why they feel stuck or blocked in their lives before guiding them through their own unique process to restore physical, spiritual and mental flow.  

I intuitively use a selection of transformative techniques in my one-to-one sessions that I tailor to meet each client’s individual needs. My aim is to assist my clients to locate hidden trauma, understand any physical or mental dis-ease and create a non-judgemental safe space for healing.  



Imagine if you could...




Clear away past traumas, negative relationships and blocks that are holding you back from living in flow

Move beyond your childhood and social conditioning to cultivate a positive mindset

Restore balance and happiness and learn to live your life in a state of flow

who it's for

who it's not for

People that have tried traditional therapy and feel it no  longer serves them

People that feel like they need some emotional support and do not know
where to start

People that are going through important life changes and need a non judgement emotional support system

People who are dealing with personal changes like loss of job, family members or relationships 

People who are not open to trying new therapies

People who are not willing to do the self development work

People who are afraid of being vunerable

People who expect different results  without making changes in their life

About the sessions

During your session with Phoebe, there will be a unique mixture of techniques including talk therapy, somatic energy healing, and journeying into the body where trauma or emotions may be stored. 

The session is 55 minutes in duration and takes place over zoom from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Some clients have found that one session has been exactly what they need. Other clients Phoebe has been working with over a period of 6 months. Each client is individual and you guide how often or regular you need the support.

Phoebe has a unique ability to help you connect deeply with yourself, allowing the invitation of clarity and calmness within. She opened up the space for acknowledging my emotions in a safe and comfortable environment, revealing how the answers, tools and skills I need most are actually within - I just had to allow myself the time to look for them. 



I never knew the importance of someone “holding space” for you until I had a session with Phoebe. Before the session I felt dark and heavy but at the end I felt light and positive. She is a truly beautiful soul and I would recommend her healing to anyone. So grateful to have connected with you, thank you Phoebe!



Phoebe is a rare soul - beautiful inside and out who over years has crafted a very special kind of resilience. Most of us can certainly learn a thing or two from her! She works with a deep commitment to each of clients - truly heartfelt.



I would highly recommend a session with Phoebe if you're looking for that all-important human connection and for someone to hold space for you to work things out without judgement . I left the session feeling calm and hopeful instead of anxious and overwhelmed.



Let's talk and see if we might be a good fit 



How long is a therapy session?

How long is a therapy session?

A session is 50 minutes and is conducted over zoom

How do I know if we will be a good fit? 

How do I know if we will be a good fit?

I want you to feel like we match energetically. Everyone is uniquely different and will connect to therapists, healers and teachers differently. I offer complimentary 10 minute introduction calls to chat to have a quick chat and you can ask any questions in this call before booking in a session. 

What does a holistic therapy session involve?

What does a holistic therapy session involve?

A session can involve talk therapy, closing your eyes and be guided into the body, holding space for trauma or emotions that may come up, breath-work and guided meditation. Not one session looks the same.

How many sessions will I need? 

How many sessions will I need?

Depending on your personal situation will determine how many sessions you will need. Some clients have found that one session has been exactly what they need. Other clients have been working with me for a period of 6 months. Each client is individual and you guide how often or regular you need the support.