I'm Phoebe & here is my story so far

from marketing professional, travel blogger to yoga teacher, ENTREPRENEUR to holistic therapist. it's never too late to start over.

For 10 years I worked in corporate marketing, helping high-end travel, fitness, wellness and luxury businesses grow their brands. Yet no matter how successful I was, I felt that something was missing in my life. This led me on a journey that allowed me to look at my core values, my motivations, actions and feelings and use these learnings to not only help myself but people just like you, too.
I first discovered yoga at the age of 15 and quickly realised that I could use the practice to connect myself to my inner world. During my twenties I travelled to more than 30 countries around the world, testing new yoga practices in each city I visited, unafraid to explore the practice despite not understanding the language of the country I was in. 

I soon discovered yoga was the international language I wanted to share with the world and after leaving Australia at the age of 30 in search of a new beginning, I completed my first yoga training, which allowed me to begin teaching. But it wasn’t enough. 

I found myself wanting to help heal my students and clients on a deeper, more spiritual level. This led me on an exhaustive search for a practice that could connect mind, body and spirit and help people heal and come alive with purpose and possibility. 

This was when I discovered Embodied Flow - a system of transformational yoga, somatics, visualisation, philosophy and psychology.  Studying 500 hours of the methodology took me on an exciting, and sometimes confronting inner journey, which helped me to understand the unique components that comprise my whole self and how I fit into the world. 

For the first time I stopped looking externally for the answers and instead, using the techniques and practices I had learnt, to focus my thoughts and questions inwards. Turns out the answers were there all along. 

My goal is to help YOU restore balance in your life so you can find the answers that lie within.

"I know it can be f***king scary to quit your job, or step up and re-train or start over. I’ve done it all. But the feeling when you honour your truth - is bloody amazing."

~ Phoebe Greenacre


Phoebe Greenacre is a holistic therapist specialising in somatic therapy, life and business coaching, yoga and meditation. She began her yoga teaching journey at Yoga London, completing her 200-hour teacher training in vinyasa flow yoga, followed by an additional 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training with the Embodied Flow school of yoga.

Inspired by the power of movement to restore body, mind and spirit, Phoebe then completed a 200-hour Somatic Movement Therapy course under the guidance of Dr Scott Lyons and Myra Avedon. She has also undergone further training in business and life coaching in 2017. 

In her previous life, she completed a Bachelor of International Business and Japanese and then spent 10 years in the corporate marketing world.

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