I'm Phoebe Greenacre

I am a Spiritual Business Mentor, Somatic Therapist & Devoted Yogi

My mission is to guide women back to the truth of who they really are. I believe that every woman has magic inside of them that desperately wants to come forth and reveal its light.

Your dreams
Your desires 
Your authentic self-expression 

Can only come from one place: within you. 

Right now, women around the world are awakening to something greater. They’re becoming curious about what else might be possible while asking “is this really it?” 

The illusions we were once sold are crumbling as the deep soulful whispers for something else are getting louder. 
Do you hear them like I do? 

Yet the truth is, awakening to a greater desire isn’t everything. 

In order to truly manifest the life we want, we have to heal our bodies, reprogram our minds from limiting beliefs, and cultivate entirely new levels of courage, confidence and conviction. 

I’m not going to lie to you— this path isn’t always easy, glamorous or straight-forward. It can be downright terrifying to quit the security of a job, fully own your gifts or start over from scratch. 

I know, I’ve done all of it (multiple times). 

But saying ‘YES’ to walking your path and honoring your truth is how you’ll discover who you truly are and what you’re here to do. It has been the single greatest decision of my entire life.

No matter what you’ve heard before, there is no one-size-fits all solution to spiritual growth and entrepreneurship. This is a journey that will last your entire lifetime and be totally unique to YOU.

What does your soul long for?
What are the messages coming from your body?
What does alignment really mean to you?

I can’t answer these for you. 

Instead, I promise to guide you to the place where you can discover them for yourself. A place that you can always come back to for the rest of your life: your intelligent, intuitive and magnificent body. 

As a woman who has intentionally chosen to put her needs first in order to actively create a life that lights her the f*ck up, I am passionate about helping you do the same. 

You’re invited to join me in this place of magic and transformation, discovery and expansion, abundance and growth. 

With love, 


"I know it can be f***king scary to quit your job, or step up and re-train or start over. I’ve done it all. But the feeling when you honour your truth - is bloody amazing."

~ Phoebe Greenacre

A glimpse into my story

If I were to summarise my life’s purpose so far in three words, they’d be: travel, entrepreneurship and self-healing. These have been my core passions and adventures, as well as my greatest teachers. 

When I was 13, I began saving up my own money to pay for a school trip to Japan. Once there, I fell in love with traveling and the freedom of going to new places. Although I loved my roots as a beach girl from Sydney Australia, I always had a yearning for new experiences. 

I learned quickly that if I wanted to see the world before retirement, I was going to have to get creative with my approach to work. At first, I worked ski seasons at mountain resorts in the USA. Then, I traded my skipants for stilettos and became the Executive Assistant to the FOUNDER + CEO of an international makeup brand. For a few years, my life was very much like Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada— glamorous on the outside, insane on the inside. I worked my way through that company eventually co creating the e-commerce team and growing their social media impact. 

At 29, I met my Saturn Return head on. I quit my job, went through a heart wrenching breakup and was penniless while sleeping on my sister's couch in Australia, hustling to build a marketing agency. 

To stay connected to my heart, I also ran a travel blog on the side and checked the box of traveling to 30 countries before age 30 (today, I’ve been to over 65). 

Eventually, I found myself where most of us eventually end up: tired, burnt out and ready for a change. Despite how successful I appeared on the outside, I felt that something more essential was missing from my life. 

So at 30, I embarked on the biggest adventure yet— the one within myself. I began to question and look deeply at my core values, motivations, actions and feelings. I saw how I was living out of alignment with my soul and what this was doing to my body. Finally, I stopped looking externally for the answers and gathered the tools, techniques and practices to help me look inward. 

What I found was transformational. 

Getting curious about my own healing led me to discover a system of transformational yoga, somatics, visualisation, philosophy and psychology. By adopting regular practices, I began to peel back the layers of myself and discovered a newfound sense of life-force energy coursing through me. 

It was truly magic. 

These practices served not only me and my clients as I worked as a Somatic Therapist and Yoga Teacher, but they also allowed me to step into the role of Co Founding Silou - a soon to be fast-growing fashion brand in 2017. While the business grew and we landed huge partnerships with companies like Soul Cycle, Selfridges, Goop, Equinox, and Bandier, I kept myself supported and balanced with these body-based somatic and spiritual tools.

The stress, obligations and commitments of CEO-life could have worn me down, but instead, I learned how to flow with them. I learned how to honour my emotions while still upholding my deadlines and structure. I learned how to balance my masculine and feminine for greater harmony and true productivity. If only they taught this in school...

Seeing how much my professional (and personal) life transformed, I knew more women in business needed to know the wisdom of their own bodies. So at the start of the 2020 lockdown, I built The Self Care Space and created my Consciously Alive CEO business program to blend my passions for entrepreneurship and self-healing. 

So far, this has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. 

Through these containers, I’ve been able to impact thousands of women around the world, permanently move to Bali with my partner, create multiple revenue streams, reduce the number of hours I work each week and hire a team. As I now look into the future at building my legacy and possibly becoming a mother, I’m overflowing with gratitude, passion and trust. 

I’m grateful that life has granted me the opportunities to learn, heal and grow and I’m so grateful that women just like you have decided to join me on this journey. 

I trust that as each of us uncovers the infinite light that is within us, we inspire others to do the same. Thank you for being here. 

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my qualifications

+ 15 Years in Business, Startups + Entrepreneurship
+ 7 Years in Holistic Healing + Therapy 
+ Host of the Consciously Alive Podcast 
 + Creator of the Self Care Space 
+ Sold 1 international fashion brand
+ Bachelor of International Business and Japanese 
+ 200HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
+ 300HR Embodied Flow Teacher
+ 200HR Somatic Movement Therapy
+ 50HR Yin Yoga
+ 50HR Pregnancy Yoga


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Hi, I'm Phoebe

I am a conscious business coach, somatic therapist & devoted yogi. My mission is to guide women back to the truth of who they really are.