Conscious Business Coaching with Phoebe 

Hello Beautiful, Woman. My name is Phoebe Greenacre, and it is my passion to help aspiring entrepreneurs create a business and life that lights them up. My magic is in helping women build from a place that is both spiritually aligned and strategically executed. 

The Conscious Coaching Business Course is a 10-Week, interactive and video-based training program that teaches smart and energetically aligned business building strategies. It’s a place to ideate, create and scale a business that works for you...not the other way around. Plus, you’ll be doing it with a global community of like minded, passionate and visionary women. 

If you’re curious about how to create this for yourself, then I invite you to learn more.  


You are the type of woman who seeks more. More life force, more self-expression, more freedom. There is a light inside of you that the world is ready to receive. It is time to activate the part of you that knows she can create a more expansive reality. 

The invitation to join the Conscious Coaching Business Program is a transformative spiritual and professional journey to activate your creative potential and initiate your purpose. 

Right now, more women than ever are stepping into their higher callings by creating businesses that support themselves, their families and communities. However, it is common to feel lost or uncertain about where to begin. The awareness of our gifts and talents can become so easily lost in the logistical side of business building that we spiral, spin and procrastinate on the things that matter most. 

Which is why I’ve designed a business coaching model that truly supports you on every level of your being— mental, physical, emotional and my favourite, spiritual. 

I’ve designed this women-only container to be a place of balance, alignment and integration. As you learn practical and technical business skill sets (the masculine), you’ll also sink deeper into trust, alignment and energetic attunement (the feminine). This is a place to feel safe, held and motivated to show up for your dreams while doing the work necessary to see them through. 

In this program, you’ll learn how to:

- Replace hustle with heart-centered flow 
- Transform doubt into precise clarity
- Align to your natural energy patterns
- Build with technical & strategic confidence
Cultivate unwavering belief in yourself as a CEO

And so much more...

The truth is, this is the exact type of program I wish I could’ve experienced when I was first starting out on my entrepreneurial journey 9 years ago, which is why it’s my greatest honour to share it with you now. 

Thank you for being the type of woman who says a hell YES to herself. 

Let’s begin. 

Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of




In addition to the technical business materials, the course will dive into more holistic subjects that are a little more conscious than some other business programs out there. These areas of focus have really differentiated the way I work and made me feel more confident and empowered in my businesses, relationships + life. I am all about inviting ease and flow into all aspects of your business, so your business works for you!


In addition to the technical business materials, the course will dive into more holistic subjects that are a little more conscious than some other business programs out there. These areas of focus have really differentiated the way I work and made me feel more confident and empowered in my businesses, relationships + life. I am all about inviting ease and flow into all aspects of your business, so your business works for you!


inside the course

social media

digital marketing

website building

money mindset




partnerships + COLLABS


accounting + FINANCE

memberships + COURSES

email marketing


social media

digital marketing

website building

money mindset


partnerships + COLLABS


email marketing

mindset shifts

chakra healing work


Humand design FOR BUSINESS





Find Your Ground + Vision + The Root Chakra


mindset shifts

Clarify your business vision, understand your industry, cultivate your unique passions and talents, and identify how you are the perfect person to bring this vision to life. 
+ Root Chakra Healing

Claim your Power + Money + The Sacral Chakra.

# two

Set up the foundations of your business across finance, pricing and structure. Go deep into your money mindset and cultivate greater wealth consciousness. 
+ Sacral Chakra Healing
+ Guest Expert - Rebecca,  Lagom Finance


Find your Voice,  Social Media + 
Solar Plexus chakra. 

Uncover your unique voice and how to best express it into the world through communication channels like social media, while learning how to master the art of content in a way that you enjoy. 
+ Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

Dive into your brand identity (aka all the fun design aspects!) and create a website that converts plus is optimiSed for traffic. 
+ Heart Chakra Healing
+ Guest Expert - Hayley Warnes of Made by Rove

Create with Heart + Visual Identity + The Heart chakra


Learn the practical and energetic sides of getting your message out in the world, including ways to master content distribution, build your email list and keep your audience engaged.
+ Throat Chakra Healing

Speak your Truth + Content + The Throat chakra

See your Vision + Products
+ The Third Eye chakra.

Bring your vision to a reality by creating your first online product, such as a course or membership program while understanding what types of products are best for you.
+ Third Eye Chakra Healing


Understand the fast-moving world of inbound lead generation and decide which channels make the most sense for you and your brand.
+ Crown Chakra Healing
+ Guest Expert - Pierre Antoine

Connect to source + Inbound Traffic + The Crown Chakra.


Time to Expand + Publicity

Uplevel your skills to market and share your business by creating mutually beneficial relationships that expand your reach in a way that’s aligned.
+ Guest Expert - Naomi White
+ Guest EXPERT Gizem Croft 


Master the art and science of energetics within your business and life by infusing your unique Human Design Strategy into all that you do to prevent burnout and pitfalls. 
+ Guest Expert - Livy IASONOS 

Unlock Your Full Energy +  Human Design

Time to Rise + Launch  +
The Sacred Feminine

Share your new business with the world through a strategic launch, while integrating all that you’ve learned with an understanding of the sacred masculine + feminine energies.
+ Guest Expert - Amy Rushworth


My name is Phoebe Greenacre

I’ve been a dreamer and hustler since I was 13 when I eagerly saved up enough money to travel to Japan on a school trip. What I didn’t know then is that I was cultivating the grit, commitment and passion necessary for eventually building a location-independent business for myself several decades later. 

Although I consider myself a laid-back Aussie beach girl at heart, I’ve been in the worlds of business, startups and entrepreneurship for my entire working life. My first real job out of university was being the Executive Assistant to the Founder + CEO of a fast-growing makeup startup (a true Devil Wears Prada experience). 

In my 20s, I worked my butt off across industries only to end up heartbroken and penniless at 29 (hello, Saturn Return). 

But that early grit and passion eventually came back when I became the Co-founder and CEO of Silou— London’s premier athleisure brand. In under 4 years, we grew to become an international success, cultivating meaningful brand partnerships with Selfridges, Equinox, Soul Cycle and Moda Operandi. We’ve been featured across Vogue, The Telegraph, Marie Claire and more. And most importantly, we built and grew an empowered community of women nicknamed the on Instagram with #WomenofSilou.

Throughout my whole career, I’ve learned how to reinvent myself to stay true to the times and my own evolution. To keep orienting back to my truth, I’ve had to dig deep within myself, understand the language of my body and really cultivate a deep trust in my intuition. 

Most recently with the global pandemic, I embarked on the most courageous pivot of my life: I invested in my own business and my desire for location independence. 

In under one year, my online membership platform The Self Care Space has taken off and grown organically into a passive income stream that supports my lifestyle...and this lifestyle is unashamedly full of luxury and self-care! 

Through this journey, I’ve realised how financial and creative freedom are the ultimate forms of self care for women. When we take responsibility for our desires and step boldly into the world to make them happen, we become fully (and consciously) ALIVE. In the process of creating a business, we are asked to heal ourselves, go beyond our limiting beliefs, and trust in a greater power. 

As the world radically changes before our eyes, we now have the ultimate opportunity to step fully into our light— and guiding women to do this has become my greatest honour. 


+ 15 Years in Business, Startups + Entrepreneurship
+ 7 Years in Holistic Healing + Therapy 
+ Host of the Consciously Alive Podcast 
+ Creator of The Self Care Space 
+ Co Founder Silou London
+ Successfully sold 1 global company 
+ Bachelor of International Business and Japanese 
+ Over 600HR of Yoga teacher trainings
+ 200HR Somatic Movement Therapy

as seen on

6 x 60 min



You'll also receive:
+ Weekly Affirmations, Self-Care Tools + Resource Recommendations (books + podcasts)
+ 6 months access to All Content
+ Bonus Workshops (How to Create Your Dreams + How to Pivot Online)
+ Resource recommendations like books and podcasts. 


course structure + support

Our live group calls take place on Zoom every second Saturday at 9am BST commencing on October 23rd, 2021.

On these calls, you’ll receive personal coaching support and the opportunity to ask your questions with immediate feedback. You may also submit questions into the private Facebook group where I interact and support you each day. 

Can’t make a live call? Not to worry, everything will be recorded and available in your member’s portal. 

Live Coaching Calls

Imagine if you could...




Skip the trial and error stage and learn directly from a successful business owner 

Move beyond limiting beliefs and cultivate a positive mindset


the investment







who it's for

who it's not for

Women that have an idea for a business and need help to start the process

Women that have started a business but need more direction and guidance and empowerment

Women looking to take a risk and step outside of their comfort zone

Women that aren't willing to show up and do the work themselves

Women who want to be hand fed every single step of the way

Women who are afraid of taking risks and following their hearts

Women who are wanting to have more freedom + flexibility in their lives

Women who aren't ready to invest in themselves

"I've progressed so much more in the last 2 months than I expected to! It's not only from learning the technical skills, the planning techniques and learning more about managing my energy, but also the confidence that's come from working in a group and watching everyone go through similar issues while trying to grow. The confidence that comes from realising you are not alone in this and everyone is going through the same issues is priceless! The highlight for me was the week about websites and workflows. I'd spent months trying all sort of platforms and not *quite* managing to create vision I'd imagined. Then with the new suggestion on website platforms, along with linking up newsletters and workflows, I was able to build a website and link it up to payment streams and newsletter databases by myself within weeks. I never imagined I would be able to do that without outsourcing it to someone else. If you are setting up your business, feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start - *this* is where to start! I was initially nervous about the cost of investment and what value it would bring to my business specifically, but it more than exceeded all my expectations. 


- Maria

- Marcia

"I literally had no idea where to start, as have never set up my own business before. I felt like I had a million ideas or questions floating around inside me and needed business coaching / support to help me understand if my business idea had legs, and if it had legs had to get it up and walking.  I have amazed myself and friends with how quickly I have progressed with my business idea over the 10 weeks, and am super pleased and impressed with the amount and level of knowledge I have now. I enjoyed every aspect, but in particular my highlights were around the chakra work, consciously looking at where blockages may still be in me and how that impacts the different aspects of my new business, and business development.  I am definitely more confident, clear and focused on what I am aiming to achieve. I am also leaning in to work not being about 9-5, but choosing how I wish to work. I found it to be excellent value for money. I learnt loads. It was well paced, and I liked the progression through the different topics. It is a good investment in yourself, and a safe and supportive space to really work out your own personal "glitches" as well as any in your business ideas."

- Karly

"I am honestly blown away by how much I have achieved in such a short period of time and have a new found confidence to take my business to the next level. The information and detail you provide in the course is unbelievable - thank you! I have started showing up on my Instagram stories, speaking to the camera with confidence and authenticity. I have been taking more risks, allowing myself to be vulnerable and share my personal story as a coach, and stepping outside of my comfort zone. All of which are positively impacting my business and allowing my audience to get to know me and what I do. It will be the best investment you will make not just for your self but for your business. Phoebe's business knowledge and skillset, combined with the fantastic guest speakers and community, will give you the tools and resources you need to up level your business.

"I think prior I was quite tunnel visioned on what I was going to create, this was prior to reflecting on my values. Taking time to pause and really tune into what matters and then seeing if that aligned with my vision, all of a sudden it dawned on me that having a fixed commercial business wouldn't give me the freedom I wanted to create. I now feel well equipped and definitely more in tune with what this new vision looks like and the steps to get there. I'm almost back to square one but I know what the path looks like. Be ready to open your mind to a new way of thinking, working, possibilities that you are capable of and a community of inspirational like minded women. To not necessarily wait until you're ready or think you're ready, if the dream is there in the first place then to take a step to making it a reality and make the investment in yourself. The calls are great touch points and there is no pressure that you should be at a certain point. The blend of business with the Chakra journey is a great balance - there's so much food for thought, workshops, podcast and book recommendations."

"Where do I start?! It's impossible to choose one highlight as I genuinely loved every single element of it. The content of the webinars and workbooks were of outstanding quality. I particularly enjoyed the structure of the workbooks, as the question prompts in them made me really think and dive deeper to answer honestly. I learnt so much about myself and what I really wanted my business to look like by spending time on the workbooks. After the business section of the workbook, there was a holistic section that drew even more information and realisations out of times this was uncomfortable but you have to do the work to gain clarity and progress, again, I learnt so much about myself - it was like therapy and complimented the business side of the course wonderfully. Because of doing this course, my business is now on a journey into fruition much sooner than I expected. I have so much more confidence in myself and the services I offer. I'm showing more commitment to my business and I'm excited about sharing my gifts with the world. I have learnt what my purpose is in the world during this course and feel supported to show up for myself and the women I want to help."

- Angharad

- Lauren


I already have a business, is this course for me?

I already have started a business, is this course for me?

This course is designed for new and existing business owners that want to launch or take their business to the next level online. So if you're struggling to up-level your current business, create new income streams and elevate your marketing, then this program is for you. 

What makes this course different from others?

What makes this course different from others?

All of the content and lessons I share comes from building successful product + service based businesses. My experience comes from real life experience from both the corporate worlds + start ups. The emotional support and growth also differentiates from other courses as I guide you through healing your chakras, childhood wounds and limiting beliefs.

I can't make some of the live call dates, can I still do the course?

I can't make some of the live call dates, can I still do the course?

The live call is just one component of the training. If you can't make it, you can catch up and watch the recording in your own time.  All of the content  and workshops is self-study at your own pace.

Do I have to complete the course in 10 weeks? 

Do I have to complete the course in 10 weeks? 

No you have 12  months access to the course and the content. During the 10 weeks, you will have live coaching via the live calls and via the facebook private group. 

I struggle with the tech side of things, how much detail do you go into?

I struggle with the tech side of things, how much detail do you go into?

For each of the systems I have set up, I go into the platforms I use, and the process to set it up so you have clear pathway to follow for your business processes. Past graduates have found it very helpful for setting up their platforms and processes.

I don't have the confidence to start my business - will this course help?

I don't have the confidence to start my business - will this course help?

Yes!! So many of my previous clients have said they gained so much confidence to actually start. Between the technical skills + mindset work, they were able to break through the fear + do it anyway.

How long are the group Q+A coaching calls?

How long are the group Q+A coaching calls?

Each group call is 60 minutes long and will be recorded if you miss one. You will get the most out of the course when you can make the calls, ask questions, learn from the other ladies in the group too. See above for the dates for the live coaching calls.

I'm still trying to figure out my direction, will this program help give me clarity on what I need to offer?

I'm still trying to figure out my direction, will this program help give me clarity on what I need to offer?

Yes this program will help you identify who you want to market to and what services, offices or products  you will provide. There is the bonus dreams workshop which helps you get clear on your values and your goals before you start.

Start today...








Still have a question?

"If you are setting up your business, feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start - *this* is where to start!"

lauren, client


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