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How to get your facebook post featured

Example facebook post

how to get your post featured in the news feed

So you can write a good post, but can you get your customers to engage with your post?

Facebook is a machine of its own and they never really share the secrets of  how the algorithms work.  Here are a few tricks to help get your post featured higher in your customer’s news feeds.

Tricks for engagement:

  • Upload a photo or video- Images can tell a thousand words. Images are what customers want to see. They want to be inspired and have something to look at. This is one of the reasons why the social photo sharing platforms- Instagram and pinterest are becoming so popular.
  • Suggest them to “like” the post or comment as part of your post. Sometimes customers need a bit of encouragement to interact with your brand.
  •  “like” posts are often great for engagement. The more likes a post gets, the higher the likeliness it is featured higher in their news feed.  I always create a like post once a day to entice fans to interact with our brands.
  •  Add a link back to your website (this creates a new flow of traffic to your website). Give your customers somewhere to go after they have read the post. Let them engage with your brand longer and sell them into your story.
No more posts getting lost with the million and one updates. Get your customers to engage with your posts today and it’s more likely to be featured.
facebook post example
Do you have any other tricks for getting your post featured?

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