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5 Ways to grow your Instagram Community

Here are five quick tips to help grow your Instagram community.

#1 Upload daily

#2 Use Tools to Manage Your Account

#3 Respond to Comments to Grow Your Community

#4 Use Hashtags to Track Engagement Over Time

#5 Search Instagram and “like” photos that are relevant to your business  or when your business or brand is mentioned.

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Insta- what? The new Social Media Platform.

Another day, another Social Media (SM) platform. And like any other successful SM platform- content is KING. What better way to get people to have rich beautiful and inspiring posts- by enabling a photo-only, smartphone-only application. Say hello to instagram or you could call it stalk-a-gram.

Instagram allows users to upload photos into a square box followed by adding photographic treatments to the photos. From the Earlybird filter to X-pro II you can turn your holiday snaps into jaw dropping million dollar photos. Say goodbye to fuzzy street snaps and say hello to the next Bill Cunningham. Not only are the social geeks and every day peeps jumping on the insta-bandwagon, the celebs are loving it too. So to all those Lara Bingle stalkers and amateur photographers, this one is your baby.

Of course like all SM platforms, you can link your posts to Facebook and Twitter to show just how ah-mezing your photography skills are to all your friends. And the bragging rights begin again.

You can tag other users in your photos, “like” them and also leave comments. Hash-tagging is also very popular when uploading to the insta-verse. I like searching instagram for topics, subjects or places that I’m interested in. Type “travel” into the tags search bar and BOOM 214,905 awesome cool travel pics at my disposal. I think my google image search days are limited.

You can follow your favourite designers, fashionistas, foodies, friends or your mum. Download the app and get snapping today. In the words of Instagram, it’s photo sharing re-invented.

Here’s a snap-shot of how it works.



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