Phoebe Greenacre

Digital Marketing & Social Media


Phoebe is available to speak at your conference, expo, training nights or one on one training.

Topics can include:


· How many times should I be posting per day/week.
· What type of posts should I be doing?
· How often should I be responding to my fans?
· How do I get more fans?
· How do I turn my fans into customers?
· How to use Facebook advertising tools?
· Facebook Advertising- Where do I start.
· How to generate traffic to your website?
· How to get my post to rank higher in facebook

· The power of Instagram
· What should I be posting
· How often should I be posting
· How to gain more followers
· Keeping ahead of your competitors.

· Twitter- 101 on how to use it for business
· How many times should I be tweeting per day/week.
· What type of tweets should I be doing?
· How often should I be responding to my followers?
· How do I get more followers?
· How to use Twitter to stay ahead of the game and your competitors.
· How to write a good tweet.
· How to generate traffic to your website?

· The power of Pinterest
· What should I be pinning
· How often should I be pinning
· How to gain more followers
· How to gain traffic to my website.

· How to manage all social media channels through one program. (LIFE SAVER!)
· How to integrate my social media channels into my everyday life & business.
· How to integrate social media through all marketing efforts & campaigns
· Social Media Best practice
· Dealing with negative feedback
· Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn tips that work for business
· Getting my business online- First steps on how to go digital?
· Social Media- Best Practices
· Social Media- How to integrate Social media through all marketing efforts (Email, website, offline collateral)
· Secrets to getting more fans/followers.
· How to convert fans to customers
· How to leverage LinkedIn for Networking and expanding your networks
· How to use social media for personal branding.

NB: Topics can be created and customised to particular conferences and/or audiences and skill sets.


One thought on “Speaking

  1. Hi Pheobe,

    May I introduce myself – Shaun Summers. I recently went to the Reed Gift Fair & attended your brief seminar on social media. (It was very well presented and very informative). On a personal note, I a currently working on starting my own business & I’m in in the feasibility phase. The reason for my contact however is that I am also a member of BPW Australia – Business and Professional Women. We have recently, successfully formed a new club for BPW – BPW Strathfield. We have monthly dinner meetings where business & professional women gather & listen to a speaker. I was wondering if you could consider speaking at one of our meetings?

    If you could let me know if you’re interested, that would be appreciated.

    Apologies for the long email however I thought I should outline BPW in order for you to consider.

    Further details regarding BPW as follows.

    Most of our work is done by our Members. They give their time and passion to support our campaigns, assist with lobbying, run projects and generally make an impact that’s good for women and therefore the world. And we network, learn a lot and have fun along the way.

    As an NGO, BPW lobbies business and government at all levels, including at the United Nations, where we hold Special Category Status.

    BPW develops the professional, leadership and business potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world

    The focus if BPW is


    We encourage our members to take advantage of the leadership opportunities in our Clubs as well as nationally and internationally. We also provide support and skills development for women seeking leadership positions in the workplace and in our communities.


    We advocate for all working women both employers and employees. We have lobbied on Paid Maternity Leave, Equal Pay, childcare issues, taxation reviews and we are a lead agent of Economic Security 4 Women, an alliance reporting to federal government.

    Personal development

    We offer a secure environment for women to learn from one another, though mentoring as well as collaborative projects. Clubs also host guest speakers and run seminars for business and professional development.

    Professional development

    We enable women to develop strong networks locally and nationally, as well as taking advantage of our international connections. Our members share similar goals and challenges, and can rely on our community of like-minded women for encouragement, support and inspiration.

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