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Social Networking at its best

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The power of social networking with the use of social media has moved beyond extraordinary levels. Back in the day of normal business meetings, emails and phone calls, one would have never thought that they could get in touch with some of the most powerful people in the world.

Thanks to the likes of Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, nothing seems impossible. One can attend a conference in front of a highly sought after businesss person, celebrity or world leader, can start following them on twitter and interact with them if they are lucky. This is something that I most value in the Social media/social networking world. The ability to connect and engage with people that you would never normally have the chance to under your ordinary lifestyle circumstances.

Recently at a digital conference, I started following one of the key note speakers on Twitter. No big deal. I tweeted him with a compliment about the presentation and to my surprise, he is now following me, re-tweeted my comment, and have engaged offline about possible business opportunities. Too easy? Correct. Too easy not to utilise to your advantage? You would be stupid not to take advantage of these tools we have at our disposal. Not sure how to use Twitter? Keep posted for a 101 for beginners coming up shortly. It’s all about taking baby steps into a digital world that will take you further.

Have you connected to someone recently out of your normal social reach?

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